DSLRs, you would expect them to control the mirrorless centre floor. Regardless of testing the waters together with the EOS M and EOS M2, Canon appears to be no nearer to some mature mirrorless strategy.

MSRP) to resolve all of that. With approximately the same hardware like a Canon T6i crammed into its small body for under $500, on paper that the M3 must be a home run. That is why it’s so mystifying it isn’t.

At our time with the camera, we all discovered it to be filled with Unexpected hangups: bizarre proportions, questionable picture quality, along with a very small lens library mar what ought to be a certain thing. For some odd reason, the EOS M3 is a lower camera compared to the sum of its parts. Although this sub-$500 Canon mirrorless is tempting on paper, you would probably be better off using a camera such as the elderly EOS SL1. Not only does it use Canon’s extensive EF lens library, but it is also a comparable camera concerning performance–and readily seen for a lower price.


The EOS M layout, a little bit. However, it’s very clear Canon’s brand new into the mirrorless game. Though the M3 is bigger than Canon’s previous crack in a tiny interchangeable lens camera, it is still bulky in several bizarre manners. By way of instance, the chassis is a little larger to allow for Canon’s signature curved borders, and the casing is rather thick–excellent for latching onto.

The management scheme ought to be very familiar to CanonThat — although difficult to hit unintentionally–are the extreme pain in the neck to use if you are a guide shooter. The reason these controllers are so cramped appears to be that the result of the choice of panel to the tipping display. While it’s nice to have a huge screen on a camera with no viewfinder, the bezels on the M3’s display are huge. It takes up a great deal of unnecessary space, pushing lots of the back controls underneath wherever your hand typically grips the camera. ‘d Canon been able to shave a few distance off of their bezels (something completely doable), the controllers might probably have a little bit more space to breathe.

But it’s what is inside the chassis Which Makes the M3 Notable. That is Canon’s third APS-C mirrorless camera, and on paper that is 1 hell of an update on your previous point and shoot. A 24.2 camera detector using a Digic 6 chip and also a 49-point phase-detect autofocus system is a huge step up from Canon’s point and shoot cameras, and it offers a leg up on Canon’s most up-to-date Rebel.

At least in concept, that’s. Was anything but a dramatic upgrade over another camera. Software bugs, hardware constraints, and standard layout woes plague this particular camera. Even though it isn’t quite a job to take together with the M3, it is likely to be a rather frustrating experience if you drift away from utilizing the automobile modes.


Part of the allure of the interchangeable lens camera would be that You are able to ditch your old kit lens to get additional glass which does exactly what you want. Regrettably, if the camera is the tender place, there is just so much a brand new lens will capture you.

Option is really a stinker. It is soft across the majority of the framework, it has a tendency to distort your shots and suffer from chromatic aberration too. That is about par for the course for apparel lenses, however, so it is difficult to be too down to the M3.

Independent of this lens, However, the M3 Provides you a little Color performance is near-perfect perceptually speaking, however, shots are grainy even to get an entry-level camera. If you maintain your own ISO speed at 1,600 and beneath, you won’t need to be concerned about a lot of it on your shots… but it is there.

Truly, if you’re taking shots in fluorescent or daytime you won’t notice anything wrong with your shots. But in incandescent lighting, you’ll have the pall of a orange glow over your own snaps. It is readily managed by altering presets from the q-menu, or shooting RAW and adjusting it afterwards.

But one of the ocean of mediocrity that’s that this camera, there Where the M3 excels is autofocus speed. Inside my photo walks, not was there a time in which I missed a shot at which it was not my fault. The camera is able to nail capturing subjects quickly using its beefy AF system, and consumers may appreciate how well it functions together with the camera to the back.


Camera with your smartphone with Canon Rebel T6s’s Camera Connect Program to share photos with your mobile device. You might even use your smartphone as a distant viewfinder, which makes group photos a cinch.

Not only does this allow you to shoot ultra-low angle shots, in addition, it melts down to allow you to shoot snaps over audiences. Vidographers might bemoan the absence of an articulating display for movie, but contemplating that the M3’s price, it is somewhat much to whine about.

Earlier I said several technology challenges, and there Are a couple of worthy of notice. For starters, Canon’s EF/EF-S bracket has a far longer flange space, meaning Canon’s existing lens library wouldn’t operate well on a svelte mirrorless body together with the detector so near the glass. For this, Canon EOS 5DS Digital Camera needed to develop new lenses (along with a brand new mount) to their mirrorless camera. At present, Canon’s EF-M lens library is made up of just 5 lenses–so that your options are rather limited.

Body, you’ll certainly need to pick up the adapter to utilize EF/EF-S lenses around the M3. Although the brand new lenses treated us nicely in the office, you might not be prepared to sink a lot of money into them just yet. If you’ve got a lot of EF/EF-S glass lying about, this is a fantastic way to secure your investment.


Any shopper might be forgiven for studying the M3’s spec Sheet and concluding that it is a fantastic bargain. However, the simple fact of the matter is the EOS M3 falls far short of the amount of its parts. It has got lots of impressive pieces of technology below the hood, however it does not come together within an well-polished bundle. It is buggy, its image quality is disappointing, and that is especially mystifying given everything Canon gave it.

The M3 is not a Fantastic bargain, though it’ll definitely tempt The budget-minded shopper who’ll never purchase another lens. Despite its own mirrorless body, it is not one you wish to go toe-to-toe together with your DSLR. Picture quality isn’t this camera’s strong point, nowhere close one of the best mirrorless cameras in the marketplace.

The main advantage of mirrorless Lately has been The mix of quality and advantage, and the Canon EOS M3 is supporting its competition in these two regards. The unique lens bracket signifies frustration if you’re looking for a second body to talk about glass and the hardware does not offer any unique benefits.

For my money, I would probably stick with a Micro Four Thirds Does this system have a much better assortment of similarly-priced lenses, but recent models also have been posting impressive performance numbers. Cameras like the Panasonic GF7, along with also the Olympus E-PL7 boast comparable functionality and image quality, but lacking the albatross round the neck of a limited lens library.

If you needed a step-up option, you could always find an Additionally, you must have a look at our list of best cameras below $1,000. Canon appears to eventually get exactly what mirrorless is about, but it’ll take better

Lens Type Fixed Lens
Display TypeTouchscreen LCD
Display Size3 in.
Display Resolution1040000 pixels
Video Recording Yes
Connectivity / PortsUSB
Memory OptionsSD/SDHC/SDXC
Battery TypeRemovable Lithium-Ion Pack
Battery Model NumberLP-E17
Height68 mm
Width110.9 mm
Depth44.4 mm
Weight (Body Only w/ Battery) 366 g


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